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Listing Approval

All listings are approved by the Directory Administrator. Your listing will not immediately become live until this has happened. Please allow up to 48 hours for listing approval.

Use of Images in your Listing

Please be sure that the image you upload to your Artist profile is along the lines of Facebook / Instagram nudity standards. You may alternatively upload a photo of yourself.

Listing Suspension or Removal

If your listing seems in any way inproper or inappropriate it will not be approved, if this cannot be resolved, your listing fee will be returned. If your listing is approved and there is concern about your professional behavior in any way, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend your listing, or remove it entirely from the directory. Listing fees will not be returned.

Member Code of Conduct

Members of The After Dark Artist Directory have committed to be Professional, Safe and Approachable; respect Boundaries, and elevate this genre of Art so that everyone can be safe.

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